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Be well trained!

BlankFactory Design offers three types of training giving you the tools needed to reach a level of autonomy, if not complete autonomy. We offer training with products which are complementary to our design, group training for institutions, as well as custom training that can take place at your workplace.

Complementary Products

[Contribute] Your Website must be frequently updated? Take advantage of the quality given by professional design while you update your content. BlankFactory Design will create the interface, and you manage the content! This is made possible by using a program called Contribute, from Macromedia (now Adobe). We offer training to use Contribute to all our customers who have us design their Website for Contribute compatibility. For instance, Solutions Alternatives Environnement (SAE) uses Contribute to update their Ravageur du mois (Pest of the Month) section on their public Website, the news on the extranet, etc. Find out more by contacting us.

[Acrobat] PDF (Portable Document File) documents are the standard form of electronic document distribution. They make it possible for you to publish documents that are made to be printed. You need to distribute documents without the possibility of modification? Protect them with 128 bits encryption! We can train your employees to use Acrobat. For instance, the Barreau de Laval (Laval Bar Association) distributes the JBL in PDF. Find out more by contacting us.

Group Training

Multimedia offers a wide range of products with infinite possibilities. You wish to offer training to the members of your institution? We can train your employees or your members. For instance, at Vidéographe: Introduction to Website Design, Using Flash. At the Union des artistes: Email Communication and Searching the Internet. Find out more by contacting us.

Custom Training

We can train your staff to use certain products. Or simply help them in using information technology. We also offer to produce teaching material which can be used for your own training purposes or distribute on your extranet. We regularly train our customers to use a variety of products. Find out more by contacting us.


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